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Do you want to know the sign of the times?
Read the scriptures. You have it.

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How Can We Discern the Signs of the Times?

How many millions of people are anxious to hear news of the weather every day? It seems that weekly there are more references to more weather details and factors. Because of modern technology, the weatherman is able to provide us with short-range and long-range forecasts. This is great progress from the method used in the Savior's day! He said, "When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather; for the sky is red" (Matthew 16:2).

Do you remember the Savior's next comment? It involved those who could discern the face of the sky, but who could not do something far more important. Read the account in Matthew 16:1 - 4.

Today is the day of our preparation

"If you are prepared you need not fear."

Articles and Research about Various Family Topics and Issues.

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History Classroom
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Examples and ideas to help you solve problems
and develop a strong family

The Keys to Strong Families --Click the butterfly

Building a Strong Family is a link to's one of it's page for your convenience, only to emphasize my introduction on this topic that I love to read because of my desire to attain perfection with my family.
I am not yet perfect but always striving everyday of my life.
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Women's Conference

April 27 - 28, 2000
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Family Violence Prevention

Keeping the Peace in our Society
begins at home.


Our first lesson begins at home.

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